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Positive Displacement Pump

    1. Industrial Gear Pump
    2. Industrial Gear Pump MCG industrial gear pump is used to convey liquids free of solid particles and fibers. A few applications are listed below: Fuel delivery system, Plastic rubber processing, Textile printing and dyeing industry, Coatings industry, Wood processing industry, Food industry, Paper making and printing industry.
    1. Twin Screw Pump
    2. Twin Screw Pump The screw pump transports liquid without pulsation and stirring, so it features greater stability and less noise. The self-priming performance of the pump makes the gas content not higher than 80% when mixed medium is conveyed. The pump uses a synchronous gear drive, even a short time idling will not hurt the machine.

We offer a variety of positive displacement pumps used for the delivery and transportation of oily liquids in different settings, such as chemical plants, paper mills and industrial waste water processing.