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MAH Horizontal Centrifugal Slurry Pump

Flow: 10 - 6500m3/h
Head scope: 15-130m
Minimum inlet and outlet diameter: 1.5"x1"
Maximum inlet and outlet diameter: 20"x18"
Maximum distributed particle diameter: 4"
Features of transported medium: Solid and liquid mixtures containing suspended solid particles (such as ore, ash, slime, mud sand, gravel, etc.). Solid mixture concentration: mortar concentration≤45%, pulp concentration≤60%. Temperature: generally≤80℃ up to 110℃.

Product Application
The MAH horizontal centrifugal slurry pump is used to transport slurry containing abrasive solid particles in mines, power plants, metallurgy, coal, environmental protection and other industrial applications such as:
Pulp transportation in metallurgical concentrators
Hydraulic ash removal in heat-engine plants
Coal slurry and dense medium transportation in coal preparation plants
Dredging channels
River dredging

Type Max. power Capacity Head Speed Max.Eff NPSH Impeller Dia. Max. particle size

kw m³/h m r/min % m mm mm
MAH1.5-1 15 12-28 6-65 1200-3800 40 2-4 150 14
MAH2-1.5 15 32-72 6-58 1200-3200 45 3.5-8 185 19
MAH3-2 30 39-86 12-64 1300-2700 55 4-6 215 25
MAH4-3 60 86-198 9-52 1000-2200 71 4-5 245 28
MAH6-4 120 162-360 12-56 800-1500 68 5-8 365 44
MAH8-6 120 360-830 10-61 500-1140 72 2-9 510 63
MAH10-8 260 612-1368 11-61 400-850 71 4-10 685 76
MAH12-10 560 936-1980 7-68 400-750 82 1-5 760 86
MAH14-12 560 1260-2772 13-63 300-600 77 3-10 965 90

According to the needs of clients, we can provide two types of pumps, which is rubber lined pumps and metal lined pumps.

  • rubber line pumps type spectrum
  • Metal line pumps type spectrum
Structure diagram

Pump compositions
The pump head is composed of a pump casing, pump cover, pump shaft, throatbush, frameplate liner insert, volute liner, impeller, shaft sealing device and so on.

Part Description Material Specification Part Description Material Specification
Base Cast Iron Base Cast Iron
Shaft 4140 High Tensile Steel* Shaft 4140 High Tensile Steel*
Bearing Assembly Timken (Cast Iron Body) Bearing Assembly Timken (Cast Iron Body)
Shaft Sleeve 420 Stainless Steel Shaft Sleeve 420 Stainless Steel
Pump Casing Cast Iron Pump Casing Cast Iron
Frame Plate Liner 27% Chrome White Iron Frame Plate Liner insert Rubber
Volute Liner 27% Chrome White Iron Cover Plate Liner Rubber
Impeller 27% Chrome White Iron Impeller Rubber Coated High Tensile Steel
Throat Bush 27% Chrome White Iron Throat Bush Rubber
Joint Rings Rubber Cover Plate Cast Iron
Cover Plate Cast Iron Stuffing Box Cast Iron
Stuffing Box Cast Iron Expeller 27% Chrome White Iron
Expeller 27% Chrome White Iron Expeller Ring Natural Rubber
Expeller Ring Natural Rubber Bolts Zinc Plated Steel
Bolts Zinc Plated Steel O-rings Nitrile Rubber
O-rings Nitrile Rubber Seals Rubber
Seals Rubber Bolts Zinc Plated Steel
Bolts Zinc Plated Steel

Drive form: Electric Motor, Diesel engine, Hydraulic, Steam Turbine, Gasoline engine.

Seal form: Packing, Mechanical Seal

Material selection
We provide a wide range of materials to choose, these materials can ensure high quality performance and wear and corrosion resistance. MAH uses 27% Chrome resistant material, which has excellent wear resistance to composite medium containing solid particles. The MAHR series adopts natural rubber lining and have good corrosion resistance, they can handle the abrasive fluid whose Ph is 1 to 12 and temperature is 80 degrees Celsius below.

Product features
1. Multi stage series technology for the combination of pumps can be used to meet long distance transportation requirements.
2. The overflow parts have many materials to choose.
3. MAH horizontal centrifugal slurry pump adopts a Variety of speed and driving methods to make the pump run under the best operating conditions.
4. The pump is made of high performance materials and has the advantages of wear resistance and corrosion resistance. It can work in a variety of poor transportation conditions and can treat slurry whose Ph is 1 to 12 and temperature is 80 degrees Celsius below.
5. Drive arrangements: CV drive, ZV drive and parallel drive.

The most common driving devices are parallel drives and CV drives. The installation of CV drive is usually the most economical, and the motor is lifted from the floor, so the maintenance can be greatly simplified.

The impeller diameter of slurry pump cannot be easily changed, so the change of performance needs to be achieved through the change of speed.
Through the V belt drive configuration, you can change one or two pulleys to operate to get close to the required working point, which makes the pump speed changes.

When the pump speed is too low or the power is too high, the V belt is not appropriate. In these cases, it uses a gear box or a gear (gear toothed) belt. Gear belt drives are becoming more and more popular because they have V belt driven dynamic flexibility while having lower tension.

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